Fall Creek/White River Tunnel

Malcolm is installing a total of 32 drop shafts across 16 locations at a new CSO project in Indianapolis, Indiana that is part of the state’s long term water control plan. This project is designed to collect overflows from 35 CSO outfalls and discharge to the finished Fall Creek/White River tunnel through multiple drop shafts. The tunnel will provide storage and treatment of overflow prior to being discharged into waterways.

This project is unique for Malcolm in that it is the very first project requiring the steel liner for the drop shafts be installed with the biggest oscillator in the world- our Leffer VRM3800 which weighs in right around 200,000 pounds. Access to achieve this work is one of the biggest challenges. All of the work is occurring in or near downtown Indianapolis where space is tight, and mobilizing between drilling sites takes several days. Steel sections of the casing will be welded over the hole and oscillated into the ground as soil is excavated from inside. All shafts are fully cased and must be embedded 5 feet into bedrock. The deepest shaft will be 140 feet.

Malcolm Drilling