I-43 Corridor

I-43 Corridor Reconstruction: Malcolm Installs Secant Piles and Retaining Walls

As part of the reconstruction and expansion of the I-43 corridor north of Milwaukee, Malcolm Drilling installed a series of 5-foot-diameter secant piles for the new UPRR Bridge Abutments and a 25-foot-tall cantilevered retaining wall. Unlike conventional secant piles, all piles (both primary and secondary), were reinforced with a rebar cage. The “square” cages in the primary piles required precise placement and orientation to ensure no interference during the drilling process for the secondary piles. To guarantee accuracy and verticality, Malcolm employed sectional casing with an oscillator for the installation and extraction of the full-length temporary casing. CSL and TIP testing were employed to verify the quality of the concrete. The project scope also included soldier piles with tie-back anchors for various other retaining walls.

Malcolm Drilling