1000 Sutter Street

Micropiles and Underpinning at 1000 Sutter Street

The project at 1000 Sutter Street was situated in the basement of an existing building that accommodates low-income residents in the heart of San Francisco. The task involved the renovation and enhancement of existing facilities by expanding the basement. Malcolm Drilling played a crucial role in the design-build foundation system constructed to withstand seismic uplift and additional compression loads for the new basement slabs. A total of 114 Micropiles were installed under challenging low-overhead conditions (up to 7 feet) and tight access constraints.

The General Contractor had the responsibility of providing an engineered temporary ramp to facilitate Malcolm’s limited access drill rig’s access to the site. The Micropiles, averaging 78 feet in length, were designed with double corrosion protection. All construction activities took place while residents continued to occupy the building, adhering to strict time frames for working hours.

Malcolm Drilling